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Arthritis and arthrosis. Causes and symptoms. The best medication for arthritis pain

What is arthritis and arthrosis, what are their differences, what are the symptoms of each disease?

With arthrosis, inflammation occurs only in the joint, and in arthritis the entire body and organs are affected by the inflammatory process. Different and age groups of these diseases:

1. Arthritis is most often treated by people under 40 years of age

2. Arthrosis affects the age group over 40.

The cause of arthritis can become infectious diseases, decreased immunity, metabolic disorders. Organs that can suffer from arthritis: the heart, kidneys, liver.


Both the first and the second disease are very serious and cause the patient's suffering, so we recommend the best medication for arthritis pain online pharmacy Medicines Mexico.


Pain. The first sign of illness is pain. The nature of pain in diseases is different. If the beginning of arthrosis pain is localized only in the patient's joint and is of a periodic nature, then with arthritis it manifests itself immediately. Especially patients are concerned about night pain, which is aggravated.

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Crunch. Crunch in the joints is more evident with arthrosis and only this symptom may not be a sign of the disease, but in combination with other symptoms, it is arthrosis that is most often put. With an increase in inflammation in the joint, the crunch becomes louder.

Stiffness of movements. With arthrosis, the motion of the affected joint can be limited, with arthritis stiffness can manifest itself in the joint, and throughout the body.

Deformation of the joint. Arthrosis is accompanied by changes in only the appearance of the joint. When arthritis is observed swelling, densification, the place of inflammation to the touch becomes hot.

arthrit pain

Treatment of arthritis

For the treatment of arthritis and arthrosis medicamentally used 2 types of drugs: non-steroidal and corticosteroid or hormonal, which are in the section Arthritis. The type of drug is selected by means of what contraindications the patient may have. For example, in diseases of the endocrine system, preferences are given to non-steroid medicines.

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Also, you doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics and immunosuppressive drugs as adjuvant.

Treatment of arthritis

Prevention of arthritis and arthrosis

Several rules for the prevention of arthritis and arthrosis:

1. Reduced intake of fat

2. Consumption of cartilage

3. Consumption of seafood

4. Reduced alcohol use

5. Moderate physical activity

6. Inclusion in the diet of foods with high content of vitamins A, B, D

7. Consumption of water from 2 to 3 liters per day.

8. A healthy lifestyle with full sleep and proper nutrition, moderate physical activity and minimal stress.

9. Exclusion of hypothermia of the joints.

And remember, at the initial stage this disease can be treated with medications. Online pharmacy Medicines Mexico offers order pain medication online at the lowest prices.

Be healthy, dear friends!