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Actos Zactos Pioglitazone 15 mg 28 tabs

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Actos instructions for use 

Actos is an oral antidiabetic drug. Actos is a diabetic drug Pioglitazone, which is the active component of the group of thiazolidinedione series, which has a pronounced hypoglycemic effect (lowers glucose levels).

In patients with type 2 diabetes when taking Actos, insulin resistance decreases, resulting in lower serum glucose levels, decreased plasma insulin levels, and decreased glycated hemoglobin levels. 

Actos: Side effects

Actos medication should be taken as prescribed by your doctor and adhere to all recommendations to reduce the likelihood of adverse reactions, among them:

  1. CNS side: dizziness, nausea, sleep, and attention disorders, frequent headaches

  2. Decreased visual acuity

  3. Sinusitis, maxillary sinusitis, and inflammation of the throat (pharyngitis) may occur

  4. Metabolism: water retention, which is manifested by swelling throughout the body

  5. Increased body weight and decreased glucose levels, which may result in hypoglycemic coma

  6. Blood system: decrease in hemoglobin and as a result anemia

  7. Digestive system: liver failure and ALT activity increase. Meteorism, diarrhea or obstipation (constipation), increased appetite

  8. Musculoskeletal system: Actos medication may cause fractures, which are usually higher in women

In rare cases, there is a disturbance in the heart. If unpleasant symptoms occur, it is important to consult a doctor, who will cancel or reduce the dosage of the drug.

Dosage and administration 

Actos (Pioglitazone) is prescribed for adults orally 1 tablet once a day, regardless of meals. The tablet should be taken without chewing, with a glass of water.

The initial dose of Actos is 15 mg or 30 mg once daily. If necessary, the dose may be increased to 45 mg (which is the maximum daily dosage).

Elderly patients. A dose adjustment of Actos 15mg or 30mg in elderly patients is not required. Treatment should be started with the lowest dose available. The drug dose should be increased gradually, especially when using Pioglitazone in combination with insulin.

Patients with impaired renal function. Dose adjustment of Actos in patients with impaired renal function is not required. Medication is not recommended for patients on dialysis.

Patients with impaired liver function. Pioglitazone should not be used in patients with liver dysfunction.

Children and adolescents. Safety and effectiveness in children and adolescents under the age of 18 years have not been established.

What is Actos used for?

It is an oral antidiabetic drug from the group of glitazone, which increases glucose uptake by fat and muscle tissue. The drug reduces insulin resistance at the peripheral level and improves blood lipid concentrations.

Actos is indicated for patients with obesity when treatment with Metformin is ineffective and does not cause hypoglycemia.

Actos for Diabetes

Diabetes is characterized by impaired metabolic reactions, as a result of which a constant high level of glucose is maintained in the blood. This occurs due to decreased sensitivity of body tissue cells to a special hormone of the pancreas – insulin. To improve the interaction of tissues with the hormone, use Actos, which can be purchased in our online pharmacy at a bargain price.

Actos: Mechanism of Actos action

Actos generic (Pioglitazone) increases the sensitivity to insulin in muscle cells and cells that make up adipose tissue. Since insulin helps to reduce blood glucose levels, the final effect of the active ingredient Pioglitazone is also hypoglycemic. The drug's action is based on its binding to a cellular receptor known as the gamma receptor, which activates the proliferation of peroxisomes; this binding causes the activation of several genes that stimulate and facilitate the action of insulin. In addition to this effect, the drug causes a decrease in glucose production by liver cells.

Actos: Contraindications 

Actos is not prescribed in the following indications:

  • Manifestations of allergy to Pioglitazone or any component that is in the composition of the drug.
  • Insulin-dependent diabetes of the first type.
  • Diabetic form of ketoacidosis. 
  • Disorders of the liver, especially in chronic forms.
  • Heart disease, particularly heart failure.
  • Bladder cancer, in active form and in remission.
  • Macroscopic hematuria.
  • During pregnancy and lactation.
  • Childhood under 18 years of age.

Actos cause edema as a result of fluid retention, thereby increasing the load on the heart. In the treatment of patients with cardiac diseases (including elderly patients with a history of myocardial infarction or CHD), the drug should be taken with caution under close medical supervision.

“Can I take Actos for bladder cancer?”

Do not prescribe drugs containing Pioglitazone to patients who have had or currently have bladder cancer.

Before starting Actos medication, the doctor will assess the patient's risk factors for bladder cancer. This is important for the elderly because the risk of bladder cancer increases with age.

Actos: weight gain?

Taking Actos med can cause weight gain. During treatment, visceral fat (which accumulates in the abdomen) decreased significantly, while extra-abdominal fat mass increased. Such changes in the distribution of fat mass in the patient's body while taking Actos are the result of increased sensitivity to insulin.

Sometimes an increase in body weight may be associated with fluid retention and may be a symptom of heart failure, so body weight should be carefully monitored. Patients are advised to strictly control caloric intake and maintain an active lifestyle.

Actos: indications

Actos medication is used to treat:

  • Type 2 diabetes mellitus: as monotherapy (especially in patients with excess body weight) with contraindications and intolerance to Metformin

  • Treatment of type 2 diabetes in combination with insulin

  • Treatment of diabetes mellitus in combination therapy with sulfonylurea derivatives, Metformin

The complex measures for the treatment of type 2 diabetes in addition to taking Actos pill must include diet therapy and exercise. This is significant not only at the beginning of therapy for type 2 diabetes, but also to increase the effectiveness of the drug.


The use of Actos med is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation. In case of planning or occurrence of pregnancy against the background of Actos or other Actos generics therapy, it is recommended to consult a specialist who will select the optimal therapy regimen.

Women of childbearing age taking OCs or other estrogen-containing contraceptives should take into account that Actos reduces the effectiveness of oral contraceptives and use additional contraceptives.

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