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Lasix Furosemide Generic 40 mg 80 tabs

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What is Lasix?

The active ingredient in Lasix medication is Furosemide, which has a diuretic effect. Furosemide helps to remove fluid from the body and also reduces blood pressure. 

Lasix: indication

Lasix 40 mg tablets are used for edema and high blood pressure, especially for:

  • Fluid accumulation in tissues as a result of heart or liver disease (cirrhosis of the liver).
  • Fluid accumulation in tissues as a result of kidney disease or functional kidney disease.
  • High blood pressure, such as hypertension. 

Lasix: dosage

Be sure to follow your doctor's recommendations when taking the medicine. If no specific dosage is given by the attending physician, Lasix 40 mg should be taken as instructed.

When treating fluid accumulation in tissues due to heart, liver or kidney disease, 1 Lasix 40 mg pill per day is prescribed.

For treatment of fluid accumulation in tissues after burns – 1 to 2.5 Lasix pills per day, in exceptional cases up to 6 Lasix 40 mg pills per day.

For treatment of high blood pressure of mild to moderate degree – 1 Lasix 40 mg pill per day alone or in combination with other medicines.

Use in children and adolescents under the age of 18 years. Children are prescribed a dose depending on body weight, 1-2 mg/kg body weight, but maximum 1 Lasix 40 mg pill per day. 

Should you drink a lot of water when taking Lasix?

The tablets are swallowed whole in the morning before meals, with plenty of liquid (e.g., 1 glass of water), this is enough for proper use of the drug. 

What happens when you stop taking Lasix?

Failure to discontinue Lasix medicine in a timely manner may cause the condition to worsen again. It is necessary to follow the treatment period determined by your doctor.

If a dose has been missed, do not increase the dose to make up for the missed dose. Instead, continue treatment as usual. 

Lasix overdose

If an overdose is suspected, the physician should be notified immediately. Depending on the severity of the overdose, the physician may decide on any necessary actions.

An overdose can lead to low blood pressure and circulatory disorders, electrolyte imbalances (e.g., lower potassium, sodium, and chloride levels), or elevated blood pH.

Severe fluid loss can lead to dehydration and, as a result of decreased circulating blood volume, circulatory collapse and blood clotting with a tendency to thrombosis. 

Lasix side effects

Side effects of Lasix are listed below according to frequency of occurrence:

Electrolyte balance disorders, dehydration, increased blood creatinine levels, increased blood fats (triglycerides), drop in blood pressure and circulatory disorders.

Frequent occurrences:

Blood clotting, leading to a tendency to thrombosis, low sodium levels in the blood, increased urine volume.

Lasix: side effects in elderly

The most common side effects in elderly patients are: severe low blood pressure, dehydration, electrolyte loss and clotting. Monitoring of serum potassium and magnesium is necessary.

If any undesirable effects occur that affect quality of life, a physician should be consulted. 

What are the interactions with Lasix?

Lasix and other drugs can impact their effect when used concomitantly.

The effect of Lasix is weakened by: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, phenytoin, Sucralfate (medicine for stomach ulcer), Aliskiren (medicine for hypertension).

Lasix pills intensify the effect of: antihypertensive drugs, diuretics, some anesthetics, some anticoagulants, Probenecid (gout medicine), methotrexate (rheumatic drugs and drugs to suppress the immune system) and other drugs that are excreted by the kidneys, theophylline (asthma medicine).

Other interactions:

Drugs that reduce sugar levels in the body and increase blood pressure, their effect may be weakened if Lasix is used simultaneously.

Cyclosporine A. Simultaneous use with Lasix tablet significantly increases the risk of joint inflammation caused by gout (uric arthritis).

Lithium (in certain types of depression): Concomitant use with Lasix may increase the heart and nerve damaging side effects of lithium. Blood lithium levels should be checked. 

Lasix: contraindications

Lasix pill can't be taken:

  • If the patient is allergic to furosemide, related drugs (sulfonamides) or any other ingredients of this medicine.
  • In renal failure with severely restricted or absent urine output.
  • In disorders of consciousness associated with neurological symptoms due to chronic liver damage.
  • In severe potassium deficiency.
  • In acute sodium deficiency,
  • With reduced blood volume or lack of water in the body.

When taking Lasix, special caution is required in some cases. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor before taking the drug. Situations when generic Lasix can be taken only after careful consultation with a physician:

If the patient has very low blood pressure, in diabetes (regular blood sugar control is required).

In gout (regular monitoring of uric acid in blood is necessary), presence of urine outflow obstruction, low protein content in blood, concomitant liver cirrhosis and impaired renal function.

If a patient is pregnant or lactating, consultation with a physician before taking Lasix is necessary.

Because furosemide enters the unborn baby's bloodstream through the placenta, Lasix may only be taken for a short period of time during pregnancy if the doctor considers the benefit of the drug to be greater than the possible harm.

Lasix tablet may affect your ability to drive. This applies at the start of treatment, when the dose is increased and when combined with a small amount of alcohol.

Please note that regular blood counts, including potassium, sodium, calcium, bicarbonate, creatinine, urea, uric acid, and blood sugar levels should be checked regularly during treatment with Lasix. Be sure to follow all your doctor's instructions for treatment.

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Reviews Lasix Furosemide Generic 40 mg 80 tabs

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I finally found Cytomel and is only $21.60, the only thing it took 14 days to get it but the waiting was worth it, thank you

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