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Online Consultant

Stephen S.

I'm a new customer, Stephen, with Medicines Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.


But, I can sincerely say Jonathan Olea has been an extremely helpful and professional Customer Care Representative. Jonathan and his company some of the best in the industry.


Jonathan, Medicines Mexico and his colleagues Abby, Danielle and Summer have done everything they promised in my order process.

They are truly a strong and very valuable assets to Medicines Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. 


I've had this misfortune of working with other retailers I the past who were not honest and straight forth in the orders I placed with them. They took my money and didn't ship my products.

These companies are the type that make it hard for other good retailers and also creat a bad name for Internet retailers.


"This is not the case with Jonathan and the rest of the Medicines Mexico team!"


For, they are honest and "fast to deliver" the exact products I requested and placed on order.


I will most definitely order again from Medicines Mexico, because of their professional demeanor, honesty, accuracy in my order and assurance that the product actually arrived to me.

I endorse Medicines Mexico and most highly recommend their outstanding way of doing business.


Thank you, with all sincerity.